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Aynieinya sets her intention to produce the most productive reading for your current state of intention with love.

Aynieinya has many decks, but mainly reads from the Revelations Tarot, Osho Zen Tarot, and Archetype Cards. She reads the reversals of the cards giving each card at least two meanings. The meaning of the card also depends greatly on the position in the spread and the sensations received while experiencing the placement.

Prepare yourself by determining your intention for your reading. Why would you like a reading?

Ask a specific question in your mind using what, when, where, who, or how that you would like answered. Be as specific as possible.

Now Breathe slowly, close your eyes, clear your mind and relax every muscle for three minutes. And then in your own time, Contact me.

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After checking out, Email Aynieinya with your preferred days and times.

You may ask the tarot any question and I will use the tool of the tarot to communicate your answer. Note that all questions are answered to help you with your best intentions. A question asking about others is always reflected back onto yourself. Learn how to change yourself for the better and you will learn how to change the world.
You may receive your answers for yourself. I will show you techniques for opening your third eye and receive information. We may discuss grounding rituals and "protection" mentality.
Learn to call upon your pure nature to help produce your desired destiny. Consciously talk to your unconsciousness and take action to manifest your desired life. You have the choice how to live your life.
Release and clear any issues that are blocking you from your desired energies. I will lead you through grounding techniques for your subtle and physical bodies so that your chakras are balanced, aligned, and vibrating clearly.
I act as your sounding board to listen to your situation and thoughts. I utilize my gifts to assist you in all areas of your life. The topics are up to you: career, relationship, spirituality, family, travel, health and anything else that is on your mind. We create a plan to overcome any issues and get you on the path that you desire.
Sample Readings
Listen to internet radio with Aynieinya on Blog Talk Radio
  Listen to internet radio with Aynieinya on Blog Talk Radio

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I appreciate all thoughts and prayers that you send my way for giving my gift of reflection.

You must be 18 years or older to talk to Aynieinya. Information from Aynieinya is not intended to be a substitute for professional financial, law or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment