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1) Absolute truths are alive in perception. There is not one absolute way to perceive reality.

2) The universe tends to perfect balance. What may seem to the perception as oppositions are complementaries.

3) For every action there is a reaction. (Law of Three: Ever mind the rule of three, what you manifest comes back to thee)

4) We are all one. When we make decisions for one we make decisions for others.

5) We are born to create through love, act out of positive creation through love.

6) Love and Beauty surrounds us with a circular energy. The greatest gift is to give; what we give is returned to us as we are open to receive.

7) The continuous process of learning raises our personal spirit. There is a cause and effect of growing.

8) The path is a holy place, purify yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychically.

9) Utilize the Elements and Spirit to manifest love.

10) We are all family.

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