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Aynieinya has generations on both sides of her family that guide her through her life. She naturally sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes the world, spiritually, empathetically and physically. There are no coincidences; there are co-incidences.

Aynieinya has strong precognitions, dreams and premonitions since childhood. Every one of her family member hears voices and sees visions. Every moment is a mediational moment. She has always been able to remember many dreams a night and started recording her dreams in a dream journal at a young age. She is skilled at directed and lucid dreaming. Aynieinya continues to record her dreams in natural intervals. Her longest running period of continuous dream records is ten weeks. After recording her dreams for an extended period of time, recording the previous nights dreams becomes a part time job and still many details are left out. She takes a hiatus from recording her dreams when it takes half the day to record them.

Aynieinya was given her first Tarot Deck as a child by her mother. She studied the deck with the book close in hand and conducted readings for her friends and family. As she "dabbled" in the art of tarot, she was told by her grandmother in spirit that her future card reading would hold great importance to the world.

At the age of 16, she was "told" to put the Tarot down to learn protection. She naturally began her studies in the laws of physics and nature. A decade later, upon "winning" the spiritual lottery, she was called to begin the Tarot again. This time she learned the deck by the relationships, patterns and paths instead of by the book.

Before every reading, Aynieinya sets her intention to produce the most productive reading for your current state of intention with love.

Aynieinya belongs to the world. ENJOY :)

You must be 18 years or older to talk to Aynieinya. Information from Aynieinya is not intended to be a substitute for professional financial, law or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment